Neighbourhood Watch Week 2020

Neighbourhood Watch Week,
7 – 13th June 2020

Celebrate your neighbours

This is the 35th anniversary year of the National Neighbourhood Network Week. Find out all the details of the week on the OurWatch website here.

Although face to face activities in your streets and neighbourhood are harder at the moment, why not pop up some bunting, stick up a poster or two, talk to your neighbours, see if they need more help and bring each other together (whilst staying apart!).

All the resources you need – bunting, postcards, posters can be downloaded from the OurWatch website too.

And let us know what you’re up to too so we can all share in everyone’s successes.

Remember that there are four themes for the week – kindness, connections, sharing and support – and there are posters available for each on OurWatch.

Celebrate Kindness
Celebrate Sharing
Celebrate Connection
Celebrate Support

Have a great week!