West Marsh Community Equipment

The Safer Streets West Marsh programme (2021-22) has now ended. This also means that this offer of community safety equipment has also now closed.  We’ve distributed items to nearly 200 West Marsh households over the past months, so we’re very pleased with the impact from the project.  

There is a new version of this offer running in the Sidney Sussex and Croft Baker wards of Cleethorpes and funded through Big Local North Cleethorpes. More details on the Big Local website www.biglocalnorthcleethorpes.org.uk

In West Marsh we are looking into ways to follow on with this project in the future.  Keep an eye on communications around West Marsh for future updates.

As part of the Safer Streets West Marsh programme, VANEL (Voluntary Action North East Lincolnshire) has been awarded some funding to provide households/residents in the centre of West Marsh with small items of personal or household safety equipment.

Please note that these items are only available to residents living within West Marsh (addresses are required) and are limited in number and subject to availability and supply due to the limited funding.

If you are interested in receiving an item then please either drop into West Marsh Community Centre where they can discuss this with you and take your details, or contact Karl Elliott at VANEL direct via karl@vanel.org.uk.

What is available?

A household can take more than one item but there will be a conversation about your needs first.

1. Personal slimline alarm
2. Wrist worm personal alarm – perhaps more suitable for older people
Plugin timers – so you can make a lamp come on whilst you are out to give the appearance of still being at home
3. Plugin time with daily repeat settings
4. A plugin timer with weekly settings
5. Easy to use plugin timer with dawn to dusk settings and easier on the fingers
Simple motion sensing alarms
6. Over door handle alarm
7. Stick to window pane sensor alarms
8. Small led torch (for darker alleys entrances maybe)
9. TV simulator. Plug it in (maybe even into a timer) and behind your closed curtains it will look like your TV is on and give the appearance that you are home
10. Dawn to dusk plugin light. Comes on when it’s dark
11. PIR motion sensor plug in light. When it’s dark it comes on when it detects motion
12. Howsarlock. This clever piece of metal is inserted in the door jam on doors that perhaps don’t have a lock or need to be made more secure. Useful in shared accommodation settings where a door maybe cannot be easily secured otherwise.
13. Patlock. A specialist lock that can connect double door patio doors.  Only suitable in certain situations so we need to assess whether you have the right sort of patio doors for this.
14. Bag snatching kit. Including a mini alarm and bells you can attach to a bag to alert you to tampering
15. Secret pocket. A thin pocket that can go over your shoulder and under coats or clothes to keep your valuables more out of view.

Download the very latest catalogue (March 2022) here.

We’re open to other suggestions too if you can think of something specifically that you might need.

Requests / Referrals

If you need any of this equipment (and you live in West Marsh), please get in touch. Simply email karl@nelwatch.org.uk with your name, address, postcode and what you need off of the above list.

You can have more than one item if they will help you to feel safer or more secure. It would be useful if requesting a couple of items if you could explain in the email exactly why you think you need them.

Assuming you’re in West Marsh and eligible, then we’ll add your details to the request list and as we get hold of the equipment over the coming weeks we’ll get back in touch to arrange delivery.

Please feel free to email requests to Karl on behalf of other neighbours or West Marsh residents if they don’t have access to email themselves.

Part of the Safer Streets 2 (West Marsh) programme 2021-22