Welcome to the website for the North East Lincolnshire Neighbourhood Networking programme

This is the home of Neighbourhood Watch in North East Lincolnshire. It’s also the place to find information about community safety in general and for community and neighbourhood groups and forums in the borough.

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* Stay Safe. Stay alert. Control the virus. Save Lives. Wishing everyone well.
* If you or someone you know needs support during the crisis please start by calling the Council on 01472 313131 who will arrange support
* Make sure you keep in touch with Karl to receive support with your Network
* Visit our Calendar to see about local community safety or police focused events.
* Any problems using this new website? let us know.
* Everyone involved with Neighbourhood Watch in North East Lincs can register for our private, online discussion space which you can find here www.biglocalnorthcleethorpes.org.uk/nelwatchnetwork and you can read more here.
* We’re now on Twitter and Facebook too.

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