Heat wave precautions – vulnerable, elderly or long term poorly persons.

It is indeed a splendid summer for those who sun worship, with very hot, near record, temperatures at the moment, and very few storms in between to clear the air.

It is hard work cooling down enough to sleep comfortably at night, and shops seem to be full of people not shopping , but enjoying cooler areas near fridges and freezers to cool themselves down.

If you are lucky enough to possess some form of air conditioning units, then you will be ok, but we are normally not prepared for long spells of this hot weather.

Please remember that poorer people, and all those with any form of vulnerability, from ill health or older age, will need to be assisted to manage themselves against heat exhaustion, or other health related  ailments.

Do you have a spare electric fan that someone could borrow? – has someone in the street not been seen lately, and have you knocked to see if they are ok?

Don’t forget pets owned by people who have no family living with them.

If they are ill from the effects of the weather, who walks the dog, are those walks at cooler times when paths and roadways are not so hot for paws contact?

Please remember that a lot of older people are to proud to ask for help, but would probably appreciate a simple gesture that helps them through hot days and nights.