Recent police alerts – summer issues !

Recent police communications indicate that crime is increasing in the Humberside area for some types of crime, of which theft from vehicles with valuable goods, or money on show, is very high up on the list.

What is really amazing, but inbelievable, is the amount of local cars not locked up, or with windows not rewound up at the end of a day’s use.

Surely, this is just asking for a theft to occur !

In similar circumstances, have you got security industry standard locks fitted on sheds, outhouses, summerhouses, caravans, motor homes etc where valuable bikes, campingĀ  / fishing equipment or toys and garden furniture are stored away? Another high crime statistic from the released figures.

These are very easily re-sellable by thieves, so do safeguard your property.

Has your personal property been marked or photographed with any unique serial numbers or model numbers to assist in identifying it as your own goods? If you are lucky enough to have either a caravan or motor home, have you included the contents?

Did you consider listing your property on where these details could be circulated to re-trace stolen goods sold into 2nd hand local shops, or full national chain retail premises, who offer cash for goods for re-sale, or as collateral for loan funds?

Be savvy before the event – stop the theft from occurring !