Summer holiday period – police alerts !

Recent police reporting on local neighbourhood alert warnings have been published, with holidays for school children and hotter weather in mind, so these are being passed on.

1. Police have discovered areas in parks where evidence of bonfires or attempted woodland arson have taken place – so, do you know where your child is in the evening, who they associate with, and do they come home smelling of bonfire residue?

Do you see anyone discarding smoking materials while out walking that could be a cause?

Police will come down hard on any age of proven arson causers, as potentially, this could turn into huge fires on tinder dry land, spreading across to residential properties at speed.

If you have witnessed the spread of bush fires in America and Australia, it shows how quick a fire can develop in windy conditions.

2. It’s hopefully a hot summer ahead, and we are all going to want fresh air in our houses to combat the sticky conditions.

However, the common opportunist thief loves this time of year, as householder crime prevention methods go out of the window (literally), when doors are unlocked or propped open, and all windows allow flow of moving air.

It’s like sending out a signal – please rob me ! – the door and windows are there for you to go through.

Be aware if you have money, purses, wallets, keys to house or vehicles within easy reach of any open aperture.

It is bad enough when thieves smash locked car windows, but, if they don’t have to make a noise on entry, they are very happy not to warn you that they are there.