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It’s not me, guv…. honest !!


For those who know me, and my lack of ability to look good in photos, please take note that a recent article published in the Grimsby Telegraph, and copied on several Facebook pages yesterday, showed me prominently taking part in a multi agency walk round on the East Marsh, organised by 2 of the councillors, in conjunction with police and housing partnership representatives, and requested by residents from a local East Marsh residents forum.

The story, however, led on the arrest of a 44-year-old man in connection with drug offences within the catchment area.

As I was the lead person in the selfie taken by the attending police Sergeant Dan Healey, it looked like I was the miscreant involved, and I have had numerous mails and calls asking if I have pleaded guilty !!!

1. Flattered – that people think I look 44, as I am actually 65.

2. Disappointed – at the correlation between story thread and attached photo – sadly, it is typical Grimsby Telegraph poor editing system nowadays !

3. Aggrieved – that the whole point of the walk round was misconstrued and the impact was lessened from a really good objective study of East Marsh problems for local residents, by mixing up 2 distinct stories into 1 report !

4. Upset – by responses saying that I should have been suited and booted to do the walk round – surely it is the content and contact made, not the dress sense, needed to discuss relevant issues.

Formal meetings, hatches, matches and despatches – that’s when the suit comes out, and I scrub up a bit as well !!

By the way, if blood pressure and gout medication counts, then I plead guilty !!