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Christmas advice !

A few advisory notes to try to make your festive season less worrying.

  1. Buy a turkey – that will fit in your oven.
  2. Don’t believe – all of the wonderful adverts on tv – they are made to take money from you.
  3. Beware of festive mails or messages – saying you have won vouchers or Xmas cash from local or national companies – if you didn’t enter draws or competitions, then there is zero chance you have been picked out of the blue by one of their managers! They want your bank account details to empty yours and fill theirs !
  4. Christmas decorations – be safe when putting decorations up around the house or outside with electrical supplies required.
  5. Christmas lights ! – have they been checked properly? – wiring, bulb fittings, plug connections – are they properly weatherproof if going outside? Internal tree and decorative lights hung up in the house – again, have they been electrically checked before putting up?, if you have several sets on a tree, what are you using to go to the single socket away from the tree?, a tested and properly fused extension cable?, or a ceramic unfused multi plug that could overheat and set them on fire.
  6. Leaving your house – while electrical decorations are in use – TURN THEM OFF !! – many lights are manufactured abroad from very flimsy wiring and do not hold the kitemark required. look when you buy, and check properly when re-using your lights !
  7. Please do not advertise the presents pile under the tree – similarly do not alert thieves to your purchases by leaving your recycling signed packaging out, with pictures of expensive toys and equipment shown that would be very inviting to the criminal element.
  8. Christmas Internet purchase deliveries – where are they placed if you are out? Recently in Grimsby, a Yodel delivery of an expensive mobile phone was pushed through an open window – the bathroom window – and landed in an open toilet bowl !! I hope that package was fully transit insured !
  9. Rogue parcel delivery notes – have you actually ordered something?  hs someone else sent something to your address as an easy delivery? Is the note from the correct company? Does it ask to call a mobile number for redirected delivery? Beware, you could be connecting to a very expensive return call that may cost up to £35.00 for a single reply call.
  10. Vulnerable neighbours – now that you have a safe Christmas planned for yourselves and family – please have a thought for anyone on their own, who won’t have family to visit, who may struggle to heat their home, or not be able to afford to eat properly, who may feel really isolated for a period between Christmas and New Year, often most of the year, if away from family.