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Targetted expensive cycle thefts

Humberside Police are issuing weekly reports on thefts of high cost “name” cycles from all areas of N E Lincolnshire.

It would appear that these are being stolen to order, with contacts having links to Midlands groups that will move container loads ready for resales in their areas.

Their advice to local owners is for higher protection for back yard sheds and garages with fitted locks, bolted hinged doors, coach bolts, not just screw fixtures, fitting of local warning alarms to ward off thieves, and strengthening of roof areas, as several thefts have seen shed roof panels removed, when doors and windows are protected.

Ensure cycles are post code stamped, and have them registered and logged on

The more you can do at your home location for external lighting, alarm systems prior to the actual break in, will make it harder for the professional thieves, who watch and target cyclists, and their routes home, once a cycle has been seen and noted.

Remember – if your cycle cost more than £500.00, there will be an ongoing black market that these thieves can use, and they will stake out known places where cyclists use hubs for repairs, cycle shops etc to gain their information.

They will also research Facebook and other media sales pages for addresses where cycles are up for sale, so please be careful when selling cycles on line.

These thieves act as an illegal but very professional business, so take every opportunity to safeguard your property.