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If, like me, at this current time, you are still fit and well, with no symptoms, then please consider becoming a volunteer within the borough, to assist others who may be self isolated through no fault of their own, apart from ongoing health problems that makes them safer if not in contact with other people.

NELC have a page on their website that has a volunteer survey to complete that co-ordinates all volunteer groups within the borough.

Please fill in THAT survey if you can help in any small way.

Those who have been forced to self isolate for 12 weeks will be more vulnerable, so they will definitely benefit from any form of assistance over the full period, for shopping for essential perishable goods and foodstuffs.

We can beat this health menace, if all of the new rules are in place, and fit people help the vulnerable people.

I hope that this is why people join NHW groups in their own streets, not just for crime prevention purposes.

If you can help – THANK YOU !