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Advice for any business owners who are readers of this blog

I have been asked to forward this advice on to anyone who is a business owner.

This is not government advice, but goes out to retail outlets from their national group.

It explains a few things in a more simple format than many of the “official” sources that use jargon and acronyms, which can often be frustrating and hard to understand.

Here are a few of the recommendations – I hope that some of you may find them useful, please forward to any business owners in your NHW groups:


  • Small Businesses wherever possible should request 30% or more up front costs and not rely on 30 days to pay or monthly instalments.
  • Live within your means and freeze expenditure, go to on-line business where appropriate
  • It is important to keep your business marketed during the suspension of activity so that you can pick up business just as soon as the “Lock Down” ends. Use video conferencing facilities, SKYPE, Microsoft Teams, ZOOM etc
  • The three key stages are PREPARE – SURVIVE – MAINTAIN
  • Although SME businesses will be mostly effected it will also impact on major retailers and the best way to survive is Collaborate. Help each other through the problem
  • Look for new ways of working and take this as an opportunity to improve your services
  • Banks are also finding it very difficult but speak with your bank and ask if they can help you
  • Many businesses are very reluctant to use Furlough or redundancy but this may be inevitable to survive
  • Many Restaurants have already started a Take Away service and this is proving to be very popular
  • Communication is a valuable element that is missing during Covat so make sure you keep your members involved and informed
  • 10 years ago we would probably not have survived Covid from a business perspective but due to the increase in technology over the past 10 years this is more manageable. Use technology.
  • Keep your teams informed and adapt to change
  • We must remember that many large organisations are made up of many smaller organisations. A chain of café’s for example is entitled to a claim for every shop not just one overall. Scotland moved to this as of today. You may well be aware of what Government support is available to you but there is much confusion as to, where or how to obtain that support. Leisure and retail businesses have specific options. There is the Coronavirus Job Protection Scheme, Furlough with consent, up to £2500 per month max, .Defer VAT and Income Tax payments including NI. The Business Interruption Loan Scheme to keep you going over the closed period. Funding for Corporate businesses through the Financing Facility, To defer outstanding HMRC PAYE outstanding tax liabilities, Try and understand what is available to you and ask if you don’t know.
  • We have previously circulated information on Cyber Crime but make sure that you keep safe from on line crime particularly whilst working from home. If you are using ZOOM it has recently been hacked so make sure that your settings are set correctly
  • It is inevitable that some businesses will fail
  • Working from home or in self isolation can be difficult for many people, make sure that you stay in contact, use Linkedin, Twitter, go for walks, exercise and communicate with family and friends.