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It may seem that the message to remain as isolated as possible during these crisis times is still not registering with some people.

It has been proven beyond all doubt that no age group is immune to being infected, if in contact with the Covid 19 virus….so why are several groups of people just not getting it?

Well, I guess that they won’t be reading this blog or listening to Government messages. They will be the sunbathers, large groups of roaming youngsters, the drug addicts needing to be around a dealer’s premises to get their daily fix, and any others who do not care about the safety of anyone around them.

The message is still clear and concise – stay safe, stay at home!

The exceptions have been clearly set out on most days of the lockdown period, why are people just able to ignore the “rules”?

It makes no sense to me, perhaps my age in wanting to consider others !

Rant over for today !