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Community Alert

Just a swift update from police figures sent to me recently.

There were 177 newly registered people within the Humberside police force areas last month, wanting to take information from C.A.

As a police region, with all those currently signed up, only 7.94% of the whole area population have taken advantage of the communication system.

If you are interested in having up to date and local to you information alerts, then Google – “My Community Alert” – and register your contact details.


Have you logged all your valuables with pictures, and any serial numbers or unique features?

No.. then you need to log onto and put details in place…. you could just save something stolen in the future from being lost forever !

Are you secure around your property? Lights, CCTV, internet active door bell, BS standard locks on doors and windows?

Don’t wait for the break in to occur !

Look to protect your property before it leaves your care !