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The 50 page document

So… many people heard the PM speak, and today, the 50 page document has been issued to tell small and medium businesses how to return to work in a phased manner from Wednesday of this week.

How will the new news affect you and your family?

Did you understand the speech and have you looked at the 50 page Government document yet?

Will you and yours be able to return to some type of working environment?

Will you feel safe that you are allowed to go out to work, but with social distancing in place?

Have you got your own transport to use, or will the public transport limitations affect your travel each way?

What about families with young children at home, can you go to work and leave them, before any phased return to schooling begins?

Are you confused… because I CERTAINLY AM !!

I hope that clearer advice comes out very soon as no one wants another upsurge of Covid cases in 2 to 3 weeks time !

I’m still saying from my point of view –