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How did you start your local NHW group – was there an incident that sparked interest?

Did you have anti social activity problems, or a high burglary problem that needed resolving?

What help did you have when you started?

Have you a story to tell?

If so, pop it down, and let us see it, so that we can find out what sorts of things happen to push people into reacting and making a difference.

If we want more groups to form, then we need to have the right information to help them resolve their problems if we can, putting them in touch with the right people and agencies that can assist in a professional manner.

All articles submitted would be done so as to allow us to put them on our website, so if you send one in, bear that in mind with names and exact addresses, keep information generic, or use the artificial names of Mrs Hortense Smiggins or Mr Archibald Snodgrass – not many of those names around nowadays !

For my part, I started my area NHW group when we had an arson attack on the local service garage based in our street. Not fun, seeing 2 fire engines and 2 police cars at 10pm with all of the flashing lights, while the flames were mirrored against all of the opposite houses’ windows.

So, what’s YOUR story ?