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Cycle theft has increased but you can do plenty to protect your own

Cycling is having a boom at the moment and new bikes are in short supply. Unfortunately this has also resulted in an increase in cycle thefts locally.

In July there were 72 bikes stolen across North East Lincolnshire with thefts taking place across all areas. This is 27 more than in June and a worrying trend.

Whilst you can report a theft to the Police, a better approach is to try and avoid the loss of your precious bike in the first place. There is plenty you can do to secure your bike whilst at home or out and about, and you need to stay vigilant against any opportunistic crime.

This is a national issue too (see this news article ) but there is plenty of advice you can take to protect your property.

There is information about Cycle Crime on the Humberside Police website here:

There is a leaflet to download here too – take time to have a read.

The Met Police have a very useful visual guide to protecting your bike and how to report a theft. See here.

The StolenRide website has a huge number of resources to prevent the loss of your cycle. visit their resources page here

Your bike is valuable not just because of cost but because of its usefulness to you. Can you afford to lose it? Take the time now to do something to protect it and don’t become another statistic.