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School gates – severe lack of social distancing

With a rise in school related Covid cases, I have looked more closely as i have been passing any school gates at arrival or leaving times over the last week, and I am amazed at the total lack of social distancing where the children and parents are gathering together.

No names, but I passed one joint infants & junior school at leaving time yesterday afternoon, with around 70 to 80 parents massed in tight groups, with children racing to get to them, and not one parent had on any form of mask or face covering.

Nearest controlled school crossing point – the lollipop lady was fully gowned with PPE and also masked, not one parent or older child, or other crossing user, with any form of face covering amongst 20 to 30 crossing the road at once !!

Surely, I am not the only one looking and noticing this – where are the local council Covid advisors when they are needed at school pinch points with lots of potential canvassing to be done ??

Over the road, into the supermarket – masks suddenly appear from pockets and bags and are worn – isn’t that a bit too late??

I despair for some common sense to prevail !