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Dark Nights – Burglars delight!

As Autumn draws ever nearer, the nights are starting to draw in, and the earlier it gets dark, the better it is for opportunist burglars.

Now is a good time to ensure that your safety and security measures for your property are in good order.

Burglars hate unexpected lights showing them up on cctv systems,so those are 2 areas to look at to protect yourselves in a better fashion.

Have you got outside lighting, either switch operated for constant light, or lights that have motion sensors attached?

Lights can make CCTV coverage so much clearer, in order to identify anyone looking around your property after dark.

Have you installed any form of CCTV to record what happens when you go out, or when you have gone to bed ?

So, that’s CCTV and outside lighting, have you checked locks and security measures on out buildings as well?

Hinges can be removes quickly and quietly unless you have fitted a coach bolt that cannot be removed externally, to each hinge fitting.

Have you got audible shed or outbuilding alarms inside doors of these outbuildings.

Easily fitted, and capable of outputting noise at well over 90 decibels, these are a swift warning if a break in is occurring, and a great burglar deterrent.

The one that I have fitted to my summerhouse at home has a 10 second delay, so the burglar is going to be well inside before being well and truly deafened. Even if the burglar escapes, the word will soon spread around that you are well protected.

Do you have access to the rear of your property from the side of your house?

Consider fitting a solid or metal decorative gate that is lockable to prevent ease of entry – burglars want a quick “in and out”, so anything that is an obstacle will send them to an easier place to break in, not yours.

Yes, there will be a cost, but what cost for replacing stolen or broken property, and also peace of mind that you are much more secure against unwanted entry.

All of the above points are examples of crime prevention, but do you declare your safety measures to your insurance company to try to negotiate any discount?

The more that you do on your own property, the safer you will feel and the less chance of the burglar choosing to try to break into your house or outbuildings.

Now is the time to consider what you have in place – the dark nights are here now !