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Imminent 2nd lockdown? – are you prepared?

Well, how things can change in a week !!

Higher infection rates, schools have had to isolate staff and sutdents in several local areas, moving locally into a red situation for Covid cases – not good.

So, how would a 2nd lockdown of any sort affect you, your family, your neighbours? Can you remember what precautions you thought about from the 1st big lockdown. Do any of those still apply, and what might you need to do with any changes in your family set up from 6 months ago?

Have there been any issues with neighbours, friends, children,  that need to be re-considered as part of your own strategy at home or with anyone not now living at home?

How would a 2nd lockdown affect your Christmas family preparations – will you be able to see / visit your family and friends, probably not, so have you thought about keeping all of these people safe with new restrictions being imposed?

My advice is sit down with family and work out what could be done prior to any lockdown and make preparations for the worst lockdown scenario, and hope you have over planned for what occurs.

Think and act now to prevent big surprises later.