Covid-19 General Miscellaneous

Leading up to the holiday period.

We will all discover the Tier level tomorrow that N. E. Lincolnshire will find themselves embedded until the New year.

We are all expected to remain in a safe and responsible manner towards ourselves, our relatives, our neighbours, friends, and others who live in our streets and roads.

If the Tier level is raised to 2, what could be the consequences of people being able to travel openly to public outlets, and then return to possibly infect their local relatives at home?

I am personally worried that a relaxation of rules will just allow those with little conscience to do as they wish and wait for consequences in January / February.

The “R” rate has been slowly lowering over the last 2 weeks, so why are people so desperate to party now and suffer afterwards?

I sincerely hope that people take responsibility and act accordingly for themselves and their relatives and friends.

I will be taking a short break from writing between Christmas and New Year, so now wish everyone a safe and happy holiday period as well as they can in current circumstances.

Last blog of the year next week.