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Here’s food for thought !

I casually pulled a takeaway leaflet out of the front door this morning, after watching someone unknown walk up our driveway to put it in the door,  and then thought twice about what I had just done.

Thought –

I don’t know this person.

I didn’t see any ppe, gloves etc.,  or know how the leaflets were put into the rucksack that he was carrying.

I have potentially touched something he has been handling within seconds of him letting go.

Can I assume that the takeaway ad leaflet is clean?

Could something be transmitted from that leaflet by touch?

What is the solution?

Leaflet in bin – not needed – wash hands carefully before touching anything else with anti bacterial soap.

So….. have I gone totally over board or am I just being ultra cautious? When YOUR takeaway leaflet pops through the door, do you read it first?

It won’t open, so you lick your lips, prise the leaflet open, and transfer a minute amount of saliva to the leaflet…… and receive whatever COULD be on the leaflet back !

How many drop through the door each week? Are you careful with them as you throw them away?

Am I over the top in thinking there could be a transmission risk, or have I made you take a moment to think ?

Food for thought !