Community Safety Prevention Scams

No Cold Caller Window Stickers now available for Cleethorpes groups

The North East Lincolnshire Neighbourhood Networking programme is working across Cleethorpes wards with Big Local North Cleethorpes (BLNC). And Big Local is keen to support local residents with community safety issues – especially older or more vulnerable people, so they have kindly sponsored the production of some “No Cold Caller” window stickers.

We now have a small supply of these that can be provided free of charge to residents in Cleethorpes (Sidney Sussex, Croft Baker, Haverstoe or Humberston and New Waltham wards). Ideally we’re distributing these through Neighbourhood Watch Group coordinators or other local groups such as Parish Councils, Park Watch Groups, Allotment Associations etc.

If you would like a sticker personally, or you’re coordinating a group, please contact Karl ( to explain exactly how many you need. We’ll then arrange drop off.

Obviously just putting a sticker in your window doesn’t solve the problem of random door knocking, but hopefully it will make the more unscrupulous individuals think twice. These stickers are a reminder that the resident will not purchase items or services on the doorstep which is where the majority of scams and problems occur. They’re not to dissuade genuine callers or callers with other business other than selling to you.

If you’re giving one of these to a neighbour or friend then it’s worth having a conversation about cold callers too. If the sticker is ignored and a caller still knocks, then the resident needs to know how to say no (and start with asking for identification, checking credentials, checking with a friend maybe or making a follow up appointment).

We don’t have a huge supply of these so please only ask for stickers that you know will valuably work their way into windows where they are needed.

But we also want to know demand for these to see how we can get more printed. So if you are outside of Cleethorpes then please still let Karl know if you’d like stickers and we can sort out demand and get back to you when some are available.