Community Safety Prevention

Useful materials for group Coordinators to request for distribution across their group membership

For a long while, we (VANEL) have been able to supply Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators with Neighbourhood Watch window stickers on request. We still can do this, but we’re now building up some more materials that we can distribute on request to groups.

Some of these materials are very specific to Neighbourhood Watch Groups, but much of it is more general so coordinators of other types of neighbourhood group (allotment watch, park watch, friends of etc) can request supplies.

If you are a group coordinator and would like any/all/some of the items below, please contact me direct (Karl Elliott,, 01472 897337).

We don’t have endless supplies, so over time it might be a bit of supply and demand and first come first served. But please ask.

Neighbourhood Watch Specific

Street Signs. We can replace existing broken/poor quality signs or we can supply new signs. But there are lots of Council hoops to jump through to do this. Please let me know about your specific signage needs.

Neighbourhood Watch Window Stickers.  We have a good supply of these to go to members of groups.

Scams / Fraud materials

No Cold Caller Window Stickers. These are now available for groups across Cleethorpes and more stickers will be available shortly for groups elsewhere. These can be made available to members of any groups.

Trading Standards booklets with scams advice. We have a small supply of these generic booklets that we’ve had printed. Useful for making any residents aware of scams. A brand new, NEL focused version of this will be published before Christmas, so please let me know now if you want the current copy or can wait for new versions.

Scams pads.  These are small, A6, tear off notepads. The intention is that they sit next to the phone and they have Scam warnings and advice on top and bottom. Hopefully they are a trigger to people NOT to respond to phone/text/mobile scams when they are received.

Other Community Safety items

Burglary prevention advice leaflets. We’ve printed these with permission of Humberside Police. General advice useful for all residents.

Reporting crime properly postcards. Again useful for everyone to remind us of ways of reporting crime and incidents. Not just 101, but scams reporting, minor incident reporting etc.

Message in a Bottle. These small plastic bottles are sponsored by Lions Club and sit in the fridge door and contain useful medical/health/emergency information about the resident. Police/Ambulance are aware of these and they are especially useful for more vulnerable people; those with dementia etc. Please work out which vulnerable members/neighbours might benefit from these and we can then supply you with the bottles/forms/stickers.


We are considering printing:

‘This is a Neighbourhood Watch Area’ stickers for wheelie bins.  But we’d like to know the demand. We might be able to provide some for free, or charge a very very small fee for each one.

Inside front door stickers to remind people what to say and do (and not do) when answering the door to Cold Callers. 

If you think your membership/neighbours would be interested in these then please let me know so that we can determine interest.

I’ll update this list as our materials supply changes. Please contact me direct if you need items dropping off with you.
Thanks. Karl