New Business Edition of the Little Book of Big Scams now available

Businesses and organisations have slightly different issues to watch out for with scams and fraud than individuals do. When you have bank accounts and funds; employees and property; supply chains and more, there are many different ways for frauds and scams to be carried out. And this can all apply to even the smallest charities and voluntary groups. At VANEL we’ve often experienced attempts at the so called ‘directors fraud’ where someone pretends to be someone in authority asking ‘accounts’ to pay an invoice quickly. We’ve never been caught out, but it’s something to watch for.

So if you’re a business/organisation then you’ll find a new guide very useful. It’s a new version of the “Little Book of Big Scams” specifically for businesses.

You can download the .pdf here. Or visit the Business fraud page on the Met Police website and download from there.