Community Safety Policing

Car get-together video from Cleethorpes features PC Dave Cave talking about tackling boy racers

ASB and car crime is a concern to many residents in Cleethorpes. A local Mustang car meet videoed their event but gave PC Dave Cave a chance to talk about car crime. Take a look.

At a Mustang car ‘meet’ in Cleethorpes recently, local PC Dave Cave got a few minutes feature in their video in order to be able to explain a bit about how the Police tackle boy racers and other car crime. Good to see responsible car groups giving the Police a platform to share important information like this.

The whole video (1hr+) is on YouTube here:

PC Cave is first on for the first 5 minutes.  If you’re concerned about ASB and cars in your local area then take a watch.  And of course, if you’re interested in Mustangs there’s plenty more to watch too!