Community Safety

Not keen on Trick or Treating? Use this poster to say no.

Download a poster from Humbeside Police to say no to trick or treaters if you’d prefer them not to call.

Whilst Halloween and “Trick or Treat”ing can be lots of fun, not everyone enjoys Trick or Treaters calling at the door. Whether you are older; want peace and quiet; can’t get to the door; have a fearful dog or pet; or have a baby sleeping upstairs, not everyone wants the door knock or the worry about what would happen if they don’t answer the door.

So this Halloween, here’s a few tips for those not keen on Trick or Treat.

Humberside Police have a poster that you can fix to your door/ window to ask Trick or Treaters not to call. Find a copy to print at www.nelwatch/trickortreat23 or VANEL have plenty of printed copies you can collect from 82 Grimsby Road (or ask one of your support groups to get you one from us). Or speak to your local Police officer.

Don’t put a pumpkin or decorations outside if you don’t want callers. Most kids trick or treating know to only visit houses with pumpkins.

Think about leaving lights on in rooms even later into the night. A simple plug in timer can help.

Don’t be alone on Halloween. Have a friend visit or at least find which of your friends or neighbours are in so that you can call them on the evening if you have concerns.

If you have real concerns that a crime is in progress – throwing things at your house for example, then please do make sure you contact the Police.

Hopefully you can have a peaceful evening and the Trick or Treaters will enjoy themselves but not at your expense.

Download the Trick or Treat poster as an image below:

or a .pdf version here.