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Happy Advent. Twelve days of Christmas Fraud warnings ahead!

We’ll be sharing the Humberside Police “Twelve Festive Frauds” campaign over the advent season. Please share with others and lets all stay safe from scams over the season.

Humberside Police are once again running Operation Yuletide and include their “Twelve Festive Frauds” campaign.

It’s the time of year when fraud and scams are rife. Fraudsters are preying on our busy minds and the extra shopping and posting that takes place over the season.

But of course there are so many different types of fraud and literally everyone can become a victim.

In the three months leading up to Christmas last year, £140k was lost from online shopping fraud – that’s an average of £715 per person!

In the Humberside Police area, 316 people lost a total of £240k after shopping and other frauds during the festive period last year, but on average, only one in seven cases are reported to the Police.

Every day we’ll publish information here about one of the types of fraud/scam to be aware of.

If you can’t wait and want to read all the information at once then visit the Humberside Police website here:

Another good website is the Say No to Fraud site in conjunction with the Humberside PCC:

VANEL are pleased to be able to support anti-scams campaigns too through our Fraudwatch funded scams talk programme.

Have a great (safe, fraud free) Christmas.