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* Stay Safe. Stay alert. Control the virus. Save Lives. Wishing everyone well.
* If you or someone you know needs support during the crisis please start by calling the Council on 01472 313131 who will arrange support
* Make sure you keep in touch with Glyn to receive support with your Network
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* Everyone involved with Neighbourhood Watch in North East Lincs can register for our private, online discussion space which you can find here www.biglocalnorthcleethorpes.org.uk/nelwatchnetwork and you can read more here.
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Thank you for visiting us – this is the North East Lincolnshire Area Network of Neighbourhood Watch Groups

We hope you find this site useful for building community cohesion , reducing  crime , and making YOUR  neighbourhood a safer and happier place to live .


What is Neighbourhood Watch?
Neighbourhood Watch is about neighbours watching out for each other.


When it comes to increasing community safety, Neighbourhood Watch is one of the most successful initiatives known. It is exactly what is says – neighbours watching out for themselves and each other.


Looking after your own safety, your properties safety and that of your neighbours is easier if you have several pairs of eyes rather than just your own.


There are many other benefits to being part of an active Neighbourhood Watch group which include:-


•Designated Police Support

•Routes for setting monthly priorities for dealing with crime, parking, street lighting, fly tipping, health issues, road safety, dog fouling etc

•Lower premiums for house and contents insurance.

•Means of working together to prevent crime.

•Building a stronger sense of community.

•Closer working links with agencies and partners.

•Obtaining funding for working together on street parties, sports or play areas, becoming an In-Bloom area or creating a better environment

•Being a registered No Cold Calling area and the protection this affords