Allotment Watch

Allotment Watch follows the principles of Neighbourhood Watch and applies them specifically to the issues of an allotment site.

Usually an allotment site has a management committee or group which brings together plot holders on the site.  This group would be encouraged to become the “Allotment Watch” coordinating body for the site.  However, it would always be possible for an individual to become a coordinator and get other plot holders to connect too.  Either way, as a single site with dozens or hundreds of plots on site, it is better if as many plots as possible sign up to the programme.

Please note that the logos below is only permitted to be used on a registered and authorised Allotment Watch site.

To become an Allotment Watch in North East Lincolnshire please contact Karl Elliott at NELwatch to discuss steps to get a group formally established.

What does an Allotment Watch do?

Encourages plot holders to take steps to protect their own property and follow safety advice

Encourages timely and accurate reporting of crime and issues on site

Share information, materials and advice that helps plot holders be aware of ways to protect themselves and their property; to be aware of local crimes; and to be aware of local campaigns

Collectively monitor issues on site and record them in a way that helps with investigation and prevention, for example, through incident diaries

Improves communication and cooperation between plot holders by sharing information in ways that help with crime prevention and other good practices

Work with Council, Police and other parters to find ways to improve security on site

Provide visible deterrent on site to discourage crime and anti-social behaviour

How we help

We (VANEL / NELwatch) can provide registered Allotment Watch groups with Allotment Watch window stickers that your plot holders can affix to sheds and greenhouses.

We can also provide a number of A4 simple laminated Allotment Watch signs you can use around your site.

We’ll do artwork design to help produce other banners and signage as required (for example A3 aluminium signs), but we can’t cover the costs of these.

We have a trade account with Solon Security/Defender so we can purchase security items for your site for you cheaper than retail prices.

Through our NELwatch/neighbourstogether online forum we can provide you a free, controlled space for you to discuss allotment watch matters. And through NELwatch and our updates we’ll provide you to regular information about community safety campaigns and initiatives; connect you to the Policing teams and so on.

Where we have materials available (e.g. scam booklets) then we’ll be able to provide you these to distribute to your plotholders or in your community areas.

We’ll help advise you about routes to funding or training etc that could be useful for you running an Allotment Watch initiative on your site.

Please contact Karl to discuss your needs or to become an Allotment Watch.


Peaksfield Allotment site signed up as an Allotment Watch site in April 2023 and was joined shortly afterwards by Carr Lane site.  That means we have four sites in North East Lincolnshire as Allotment Watch sites as of April 2023.

Beacon Hill Allotments in Cleethorpes signed up as our second Allotment Watch site in May 2022.

The first Allotment Watch for North East Lincolnshire is run by the West Marsh Allotment Association on the Littlecoates Allotment site.  The Allotment Association ‘branded’ as a Neighbourhood Watch Group in 2020/21 but have formally rebranded as an Allotment Watch from Spring 2022 and are working with plot holders to stay safe on site.