Support Programmes

If you’re a neighbourhood group in North East Lincolnshire, then you need to be aware of support programmes that can support either your group or your members (residents/neighbours).  You can share information about these initiatives with your group or signpost people to them that you might feel will benefit.

There may well be other local support initiatives that we’ve not listed here – these are the ones we’re in partnership with or more closely connected with.  If we’ve missed one that you think should be shared here, please contact us or share on the online forum.

Active programmes

KOPS (Keeping Older People Safe).

Led by VANEL to provide support to older people across North East Lincolnshire. Website here.  A specific initiative sponsored by Big Local North Cleethorpes is targeted more specifically at Cleethorpes or North Cleethorpes residents.  Provides Stay Safe guides, community equipment, information, materials and more.

Community Shredders

A few years ago, a range of commercial sized shredders were placed in locations around North East Lincolnshire. They are publicly available and help tackle identify theft.  A couple of new ones were added in Cleethorpes in 2021/22.

Discounted bike locks

Bike d-locks can be provided at a discount (especially to victims of crime) through this HumberWatch led scheme.  Available to all North East Lincolnshire residents.

Safer Streets East Marsh

Coming soon (2022).

Closed programmes

Still listed here as some of their resources may still be available.

Safer Streets West Marsh

A Home Office funded programme (2021-22) aimed at West Marsh. Programme has completed but some information may still be useful. West Marsh Community Centre was the Centre of Excellence for the programme. Pop in there to chat about the project and it’s legacy.