For those who view the Facebook DN pages in N.E. Lincolnshire, how many times recently have you seen a post with a picture of a lost or “found in the street” bank card?

Where do people store their cards when out shopping, wallet, purse, handbag, back pocket with other things stuffed in?

I will not preach card safety, as my wife did the last one in the above list, and had a card in her back pocket, along with other items, and discovered the loss when returning home.

Card cancelled ok, so she thought within an hour – but….. 2 days later, a call from the card issuer asking if she had made a transaction that day?

No, card was cancelled 2 days ago…… not on my screen, was the reply.

Luckily, details of the person who took my wife’s call had been recorded, so a trace was made to prove the loss reporting.

The card issuer actually admitted that for losses of under £1,000 , they do not investigate, and for purchases less than £30.00, no pin is required.

That means that whoever illegally uses the card can make 32 purchases each, for £29.99 – 16 per day in this case if it had been extensively used, and that’s £980 roughly spent that will not be chased up.

The card user then has to prove that they cancelled the card correctly, and not just gone out making their own illegal purchases.

So, where do you keep your card(s) safe, and do you check replacement in the “safe” place after every purchase, especially if you have young children out with you ?