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We seem to be returning to the normality of life after the festive season, and with that comes the return of a regular problem throughout the borough of illegal flytipping, both in back yards and alleyways, and also in remoter rural areas, where no cameras or neighbours are around to witness the devastation of rubbish piles being dumped.

This really is a scourge to the local authorities and uses up valuable and costly resources when clearance crews are needed to remove rubbish that could attract vermin or block access routes for residents.

If you need to have wastes removed through a company, rather than removing it yourself, you have a legal duty to ensure that the company involved has a current waste transfer licence in place, and that they will be disposing of your waste in a responsible manner to a proper waste collection site.

They have to show their licence, and pay a fee which is part of the cost to you.

If you think the quote you have been given is amazingly cheap, then question who is taking the wastes, and where the wastes will be sent to, and also if they will be receiving an Environmental Act Section 62 Wastes Transfer Note, which says the quantity, type and date of transfer to the licenced receiving site.

You, as the owners of the waste, are legally responsible for ensuring that the waste is disposed of in the legal manner, not just dumped.

Please don’t be a victim and receive a council fine and / or prosecution, with costs for secondary removal from the dump site.