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Coronavirus – simple advice

It can be frightening to think that we could be in a similar situation to China and North Italy, if we do not take some simple precautions in the immediate future to protect ourselves from the Coronavirus locally.

The Government advice is not to panic, but look to make some small changes so that you have a heightened level of protection.

Wash your hands regularly, use clean tissues when sneezing, and bin them promptly. then use anti bacterial hand gel if available on a regular basis.

Wipe down well used surfaces like door handles, pc keyboards etc., with an anti bacteria wipe, not a used cleaning cloth.

Other advice is to avoid handshaking and close hugging to provide a layer of protection.

But, as I was asked yesterday, who do I contact for advice if I think that I, or someone close to me, has been affected, or is showing signs of being affected?

So, easy call to make – ring 111, which is the National Medical Advice phone line, that will refer you to self isolate, until such time as proper physical testing can be done for proof of infection.

Be aware of those who would normally be more vulnerable to catching any bug going round – these are the prime targets for more serious effects of the virus.