Crime Information

Police Warning Regarding Car Crime

Dear resident,


Humberside Police are urging residents to be vigilant and take the following  steps to protect their vehicles due to there being an increase in vehicle crime in the area.


  • Keep the vehicle locked at all times, with the windows closed and any alarms activated.
  • Do not leave any valuables or “interesting” items on display.
  • Remove from the car any items not required for that journey.
  • With satnavs in particular, remove the device, cradle and wipe away any sucker marks from the windscreen.
  • When at home park the car as near to your home as possible.
  • When away from home, park in a busy, well overlooked area. If the car will be there after dark try to find somewhere illuminated.
  • Mark your valuables and register them on


You can report suspicious activity or request further crime prevention information by contacting your local station on 101, or by speaking to them on one of their regular patrols around your area.


You can find out the latest information on Neighbourhood Policing in your neighbourhood by logging on to or by following us on Twitter @HP_Grimsby.




Humberside Police