Community crime investigation – a success story

It seems these days we are constantly reading about crimes in our communities and not often about how communities pull together to fight back .

I am grateful for the Earl Street Watch for sharing this recent positive outcome .

Recently a car was broken into overnight in Earl Street Grimsby . A passenger window was smashed and an expired bank card stolen from the glove box.

The car belongs to a young mum living nearby and a childs car seat fitted in the back of the car .

When the damage and loss were discovered the owner reported the theft of the card to her bank and was informed of attempts to use card in local shops. The owner visited the shops later that morning and the shopkeepers /owner viewed the CCTV videos and obtained copies . These video clips were then posted on Facebook and the offender was quickly identified by social media .

This has now been reported to the police.

What fantastic action and result.