Flytipping reporting

I have had a request from the N. E. Lincs. Council in regards to how to report flytipping across the borough, and if any neighbourhood watches have active methods of deterring fly tippers via cameras, patrolling of back alleyways on a regular basis, etc.

There is a reporting system on their website mailing which is linked by the following –

The written request is below – I will not give out NHW group contact details to them under GDPR.

Would you be able to tell me if you know of any Neighbourhood Watch groups across North East Lincolnshire that have a focus on alleyways? We would like to encourage communities to create Alleyway Watch groups, either as a sub group of a Neighbourhood Watch group or a separate group – similar to Fly-tipping Watch created by volunteers in Boston, Lincolnshire –

The majority of fly-tipped alleyways are not owned by the Council, they are private land, so belong to the residents who have access to them. We encourage people to report fly-tipping – if they have witnessed someone they can provide a witness statement. If they have not witnessed someone fly-tipping, but do believe there is evidence of who has fly-tipped we encourage people to report this too, via our form on the website or the Waste Services Hotline. The Council can only enforce the fly-tipper to remove the waste if the Council can prove it was them.

The Council can also offer advice/education on alleyways. Are there any groups that I could contact directly via email? If you are unable to share their email addresses, we have a dedicated email address that they can use if they would like to contact us – Please could you share this email address with the groups?