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Flooding. Be prepared for this winter. The Flood sirens are being switched off!

There are 5.2 million homes and businesses in England at risk of flooding. Don’t assume it’s not you.

Whether you live on a hill, in a flat or in an area that’s never flooded before, flooding can still affect you, putting your home, your possessions and your family at risk. In England there are over 5 million properties at risk of flooding, but most people assume it’ll never happen to them. According to recent polling, only a third of people in areas at risk of flooding believe that their home could be at risk. And with climate change already causing more frequent, intense flooding and sea level rise, we all need to know what to do, should the worst happen.

Knowing what to do in a flood could save your life.

According to the Environment Agency, the average cost of flooding to a home is around £30,000. Flooding also brings a significant risk to life. The mental health impacts of flooding can last for 2years or more after flooding has happened. Depression, anxiety and PTSD can affect up to a third of people who have been flooded.

But, crucially, taking steps to prepare for flooding, and knowing what to do in a flood can significantly reduce the damages to a home and possessions (by around 40%), reduce risk to life, and reduce the likelihood of suffering from mental health impacts in the future.

Know how to Prepare. Act. Survive.

The good news is that there are some simple things you can do toprepare for flooding. Knowing what to do in a flood could help keep you and your family safe, and save you thousands of pounds in damages and disruption.

Read What to do in a Flood – advice from the Government.

Flood Sirens are switching off. Use Flood Warning System instead.

As of 31st December 2020, the Flood Sirens will be switched off.

The 18 flood sirens were originally installed after the Environment Agency’s free Flood Warning Service was first launched in 2006 because this didn’t have the capacity to reach all properties at coastal flood risk.

This service has been much improved since then and is now available for all properties at risk of tidal/river flooding here. The flood warnings can be issued in a more targeted way, and can give information much sooner, to help communities be prepared.

The Flood Warning Service already reaches 83% of properties at risk of coastal flooding with a flood warning message. This compares with an audible range for the sirens of 72%.

Everyone across North East Lincolnshire is encouraged to sign up for this Flood Warning Service.

Just call 0345 988 1188, or do it online

If you want a lot more information about the situation with Flood Sirens in Cleethorpes, please download this information sheet.

You can read the full story behind this on the NELC website here. Or in the Grimsby Telegraph here.