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Dog thefts on the rise. Do you have any experience of this?

The national OurWatch  are concerned with the rapidly spreading problem of female dog thefts for expensive breeding programmes to take place, and to allow the laundering of illegal drugs money through secondary means.

We have been asked this morning to request examples of any potential dog thefts in our area. Has anyone in your group been approached, asked questions about the dog’s age, health, female or not, etc.?

Have any dog thefts been reported by your members locally?

I am looking for any reply numbers to send back to their survey for N E Lincolnshire, please.

No personal details required, just the fact that the person has been approached or had a dog snatched, please.

This is becoming a national problem, and with the average price for a proven pedigree dog going over £3,000, there is still a way to earn a goodly amount from good dogs that can’t prove pedigree after theft.

Thank you for any information that you can send to me.


A warning from the Yorkshire Post recently.