Policing Prevention

Crime Prevention Advice from your local Policing Teams

Remember to keep your own property secure to reduce the opportunity for thieves. Whenever possible lock your doors and windows in unoccupied rooms even if you are in the house.

Please be reminded to lock your doors and to keep any security gates closed and locked at all times.

We also advise residents not to leave high value items on display as they may entice thieves.

To assist us in identifying stolen property please consider property marking high value items using Smartwater or UV pens.  You are also advised to register property at which is a free on-line property register used by police forces nationwide to reunite stolen goods to their owners. All you have to do is register on-line and then upload properties, electrical items, complete with unique serial numbers.

Crime Prevention Advice

1. Keep all the doors and windows locked.

2. Make your property appear occupied, even when you are out. You could use timers to turn on lights and have blinds set to prevent seeing inside, which may confirm a house is unoccupied.

3. If an offender approaches your house, make sure nothing blocks the view of them, such as garden hedges or trees and make sure the area is well lit so they are easily noticed.

4. Keep valuables in the home out of general view from the opportunist burglar. They may look through windows when deciding if the home contains property they consider worth stealing. Use blinds, nets or other window coverings to prevent this.

5. Fit a burglar alarm with visible, deterrent bell boxes front and rear and keep the system maintained.

Key Activities

1. Mark your valuables and register them on

2. Consider joining or forming a neighbourhood or business network/group. Offenders are less likely to cause crime in an area where people care.

3. Humberside Police have penty of Crime Prevention advice. For more information on how to keep yourself and your property safe visit the advice page here.

There is specific advice on protecting your home, your cycles, your motorbikes and your vehicles.

4. If going on Holiday download the Secured by Design Holiday checklist.

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