Who are Victim Support?

A profile of Victim Support and how they can help. Very useful to know and to share with others.

We all hope never to experience crime but we know that unfortunately some people do. If you do, it can be difficult to know where to turn and what will happen next. Victim Support are here to help.

We can be there to listen to your concerns

We can help you to speak to other organisations

We can make sure you know what your rights are

We can guide you through the criminal justice process

We can talk to you about your safety and your wellbeing

We can point you to someone to help, if that someone isn’t us

Victim Support have a professional team of supporters who work for us across Humberside including Emma and Leanne who work across North and North East Lincolnshire.

Emma has been a Victim Care Advocate with Victim Support since May 2022. Emma say that “My study and employment background lies within criminal justice. I am passionate about helping those affected by crime and being by their side as much as I am able to be through what may be one of the toughest times in their life.”

“My role is to make sure that if you have been affected by crime, you are listened to, that you are aware of your rights and entitlements and ensure that these are being upheld.

When I am not working I enjoy spending valuable time with family and friends, going on holiday, walking my dog, going out running and doing a little gardening (although I am not very good at it!)”

Leanne originally joined Victim Support as a volunteer and progressed into a paid role and apart from a short break has worked for us ever since.

Leanne says “As a Victim Care Advocate, on an average working day, I will offer advice to clients as well as advocate with the police and other agencies. I will listen to people and give time for them to talk through the impact that crime has had on them.

“In my leisure time I love to go away with my husband in our little caravan to places where we can hike, paddleboard, fossil hunt and generally enjoy the outdoors, when I’m not feeling as adventurous I enjoy crocheting and watching TV.

“My time is also taken up by my mischievous and spoiled 7 year old Yorkshire Terrier who I rescued from a local dogs home 6 years ago.”

Our team know the area and local services, we understand the criminal justice system and how things work. We can help you to understand this too and guide you through whether that’s in the background or a little more in depth. We may only speak to you once and that is enough for you, we might send out information, workbooks, links or sheets you can work through at your leisure and sometimes it takes a little more time to help you and we don’t put a time limit on our support.

We will always ask you what you need from us and, if we can provide it, we will. We won’t tell you what support you need, but will work with you to make a plan.

The important things to remember are that it doesn’t matter whether you have reported to the police or not and it doesn’t matter whether the crime or incident happened yesterday or 10 years ago, we will still speak to you and you can still access the same support. If you want us to help you to talk to the police or someone else, we can do that too but won’t ever force you to talk to someone you don’t want to.

We also know that crime doesn’t just affect one person but can impact on a whole family, community or group of friends. We can still chat to you regardless of how and why you feel you need to speak to us.

Finally, if you make contact with us we will contact you and take time to listen to you. We do a lot more than listen, but it’s a great place to start

Article provided by Victim Support.

For further support and info visit their Website: Or call 0300 303 1976