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Quarterly meeting on Tuesday of this week – REPORT.

Thanks to everyone of the Co-ordinators, interested agencies and local residents, who all turned out in foul weather on Tuesday to make a full room, and a personal thanks to Jean who helped with teas and coffees, once I had remembered to buy milk !!

Thanks to Karl from VANEL, who had to travel home to the North Bank after his explanation on cyber crime and other free training currently available – far easier to understand the implications than my way !!

We are going to ask future police reps to make an overview presentation, not pure crime and anti social behaviour figures from each Ward, as their section did go on a bit too long as part of the evening.

Moving forward, I will issue the 1st 2020 date once I know more if this role is continuing after April 2020. Previous funding applications made to date have all been unsuccessful, and I currently await another one in the pipeline.

If any of the Co-ordinators want to have specific people to attend the next meeting to resolve or discuss issues arising, please send your suggestions via e mail.

I will endeavour to provide a speaker for each meeting going forward with pertinent information to assist in working with NHW groups locally.

Ove the past 12 months, I feel that progress has been made to maintain established groups, and also develop new groups where needed. Please pass ANY information of interested parties wanting to seek information on start ups.

Lastly on this post, have a safe and festive season to the year end – I look forward to meeting you all again in mid to late February, 2020.