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Landed in new office location as of today.

Just a quick blog message to begin this bulletin with – to let everyone know that I am now going to be located on office days, as of today’s date, moving forward into the New Year at 82, Grimsby Road, Cleethorpes. I will announce in the new year if the actual day is going to change at all.


After the Election and the Festive Season have come and gone, I will be endeavouring to hold a residents and Cleethorpes neighbourhoods meeting, or perhaps 2, to allow both daytime available persons and day time workers to have equal opportunities to put ideas forward, or express concerns, about the Cleethorpes area, and try to bring in the agencies and advisory bodies that could be of help to  establish a Cleethorpes Forum again.


For those who need to be aware, and can make use of the services, Big Local at 82, Grimsby Road Cleethorpes still have facilities for free IT training, on a one to one basis, for those who are living within a North Cleethorpes post code.

Please make contact at Big Local themselves ( 01472 315437) to find out what is currently available for help and advice.


To anyone who I will not see at the quarterly Co-ordinators’ meeting, next week on 10th at 7pm, I will wish you a Merry, Happy and Festive family season, and look forward to having more talks and discussions on issues next year.


HO, HO, HO !!!