Keeping in touch !

If you want something sorting on phones or computers, give it to your children or grandchildren – no, grandad, press THIS button – seem familiar ??

In these troubled and isolated times, this could be the saviour to many non techy people of a certain age, or lesser technical abilities, and I’m definitely in that section of people.

Keeping in touch can be be made so easy, if you know what safe applications can be used on mobile phones, tablets, home computers or laptops.

The problem being, that unless you know how to download the apps to your technology – if you have it – then you will remain isolated, and calls will cost money to make and be verbal only.

As a grandparent to 13 children of ages between 15 and a few months, it is a joy to be able to see faces and smiles, being shown round houses, and breaking up long times stuck at home for both parties.

If there is a birthday, you can see cakes, rooms decorated, joyful faces when presents are opened, and just talk to the children about their day and what they are doing, studying etc.

A little understanding can go both ways – children may not understand that you haven’t grasped what to do first time, parents and grandparents may need an instruction written down to follow, or be talked through how to do something.

However, the end result of being in contact with free applications, and being able to see faces, as well as talk, could become the best thing that happens to an older, isolated person.

In my house, we have utilised Facetime and Messenger Chat, and also have video calls around the allotment committee, now that we struggle to meet close up. Brilliant ways to stay in touch.

I have also taken part in the local Fraud Forum meeting in a virtual manner to keep this group tlaking to each other – brilliant !

I had to be shown how to join all of these, and had clear instructions on connections and live meetings, but it does keep people in contact and less isolated, doing whatever you do , face to face normally.

So, think of who may need to be given better contact with family, friends, and membership groups. Ask them if they want to be more contactable (some may not !) and then help them to become less socially isolated on a daily basis.

As a final thought, if you have attended a funeral for family in the past, and I speak from bitter experience,  did you say to any relative that you must keep in touch as you only see each other at funeral gatherings?…. and then said it again at the next one ??….and the next ??

Covid 19 can take someone away swiftly, and it may be too late to talk !

Stay in contact – it’s important !