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When Lockdown Ends – Let’s plan a party!

Good morning to you all, the subject matter is in regards to when the lockdown ends, especially if the National Neighbourhood Week just fizzles out, due to being unable to hold actual face to face events !

I cannot claim any praise for the idea, as it was sent to me by Mel Read, one of our valuable Co-Ordinators.

Cracking idea, Mel, many thanks for putting it forward !!

Do you have a place where you could hold a neighbourhood watch party to celebrate the end of the lockdown, and re-establish your local contacts and anyone that has started to volunteer in your area during the crisis?

What a great idea ! – to kick interest back into what you do for others in your area? This period of time has brought many volunteers out of the woodwork, and some may now have retired, or have more time to see what you do, and offer a little time or expertise back to your group.

Have a local recruiting campaign, keep talking to your neighbours, start making plans again !

This could be a unique time, and I am also going to be looking at areas where no groups exist to try to get those who have been volunteering to move onto something more permanent, but not too time consuming.

There are over 650 volunteers registered through Blue Lights Brigade activities alone for N. E. Lincolnshire – do you know if any of them live in your street, avenue, cul de sac?

It’s a topic to raise when chatting ! There will be requirements to fulfil if you want to use any public area¬† – ESAG event forms, the usual risk assessments to complete, and have you got your NHW public liability policy document to hand to send them if needed?

Until the party can be planned and held – stay well, stay safe !