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We are rising locally in the national ratings for declared Covid positive tests. There is also a rise in hearing about different types of scams that arise from the crisis. Karl will be updating the scams section every Friday as normal, but please, beware of anyone wanting to engage you in paying for tests, or […]

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Another new set of meeting and gathering rules have emerged – are you keeping up with the latest changes, and more to the point, do you understand how they are working? I do not regard myself as stupid, but am finding that the constant changing rounds of “do this”, now “don’t do this !” within […]

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School gates – severe lack of social distancing

With a rise in school related Covid cases, I have looked more closely as i have been passing any school gates at arrival or leaving times over the last week, and I am amazed at the total lack of social distancing where the children and parents are gathering together. No names, but I passed one […]

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New week – New rules!

So…… another set of rules in regards to gatherings both inside and outside of the home ! Thus far, we have been very lucky and fortunate that reasonable observation of previous rules have left this area very low in Covid 19 cases and deaths. However, several public house, club and restaurant areas have become the […]

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Hols over – back on line

Karl and I have both had time away from work, so this is me returning to the fold, fully refreshed. So, Covid 19 restrictions are lifting / closing, according to where you live, and what you may do for a living, and the confusion on proper and correct scientific evidence is as muddy as ever. […]

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How will 4th July affect NHW groups and residents?

Easing of various rules and different pubs, club and restaurants opening up – all with their own Covid 19 risk assessments and social distancing rules for differing sized locations – confused still? – I certainly am unsure of where I can go and with whom ! So, how will the general public and NHW groups […]

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last update from PCC – issued today.

Commissioners Blog 2nd July This blog is the last in a series of updates on the work of myself and my office as we move through the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic. You can read the latest update by clicking HERE Alternatively paste the following link into your browser. There are now over 30,000 […]

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Lockdown easing – will it affect your neighbours?

As the government begin a long timely process to ease lockdown without compromising safety issues, please consider any vulnerable neighbours who have recently ended their 12 week enforced isolation period. It may NOT be the end of their enforced isolation, if they have suffered from ailments or illnesses previously, and self isolation is a natural […]

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Lockdown activity suggestions from Our Watch

We are at the start of National Neighbourhood Week which runs until 13th June. The local network would love to hear if you have made any plans within your own groups to stay in contact with your members and celebrate that you are part of a caring group in your neighbourhoods. Have you planned anything […]

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When Lockdown Ends – Let’s plan a party!

Good morning to you all, the subject matter is in regards to when the lockdown ends, especially if the National Neighbourhood Week just fizzles out, due to being unable to hold actual face to face events ! I cannot claim any praise for the idea, as it was sent to me by Mel Read, one […]

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NHS Test and Trace – Police information

NHS Test and Trace are doing a very important job at the moment and there is always the possibility that you will be contacted. It’s very helpful to coorperate with them to help keep on top of the outbreak. BUT there are people making Scam phone calls and pretending to be from Track and Trace. […]

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National NHW information and our local request

We are heading towards National Neighbourhood Week – 7th to 13th June. Restrictions could well mean that any street celebrations planned will be curtailed, or lessened locally, however, we still have plans locally through the new website to try to celebrate work done in the borough by NHW members. Below is the national “Our Watch” […]

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Hot Weather – Beach Occupancy?

OVERCROWDING ON SOUTHEND BEACH YESTERDAY !! I just hope that those who wish to frequent any of our local beaches will do so with loads more thought than those who chose to really overcrowd the beach at Southend yesterday ! Test and trace….. well, that won’t happen on a public beach… imagine this, please tell […]

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Local changes around Covid 19 restrictions in NE Lincs.

Today’s NELC news update, and various useful reminders of contact details for local services ! Stay alert. Control the virus. Save lives. The Government is giving regular updates, advice and guidance about its response to the pandemic. For the most up-to-date information, visit Our services ·       From today (Wednesday 20 May), Central Promenade will […]