Network News

How does your group communicate?

If you are a NWG Coordinator we’d like to find out how within your own Neighbourhood Watch Group how you communicate with each other – your committee / your members / the residents in your street?

Normally I guess some of you hold meetings of course.

What else?

Do you simply phone each other? Emails? Text messages?

Or leaflets through doors? Do you have a newsletter? (how often?)

Do you use social media like a WhatsApp group? or a Facebook Group or Page? or some other form of online network?

What do you use now we’ve not been meeting much face to face? Do these tools work or would something else be useful?

I’m interested to know what people are using BUT we can also offer you an online alternative anyway. On our private discussion site at we can create very private and invisible SPACES for any group that wants it and then we add authorised coordinators and members to it. The only people that can even see this space in the directory are its members – your group/street/residents. Noone else knows it’s there and you can have your own private conversations in it. It’s just like a private WhatsApp or Facebook group but it’s not part of a larger/wider social network. If you think you’d like to try this out for your group just have a discussion with me.

In the meantime, please let me know what you already use to communicate with each other and if you need any help improving this.

Get back to me direct via Thank you.