Community Covid-19 Local News Scams


We are rising locally in the national ratings for declared Covid positive tests.

There is also a rise in hearing about different types of scams that arise from the crisis.

Karl will be updating the scams section every Friday as normal, but please, beware of anyone wanting to engage you in paying for tests, or telling you that failure to engage in self isolation has resulted in an immediate fine, and you must pay now.

Criminals are becoming ever more clever in how they try to remove you from your money, so beware for yourselves, and particularly for anyone vulnerable, in your family or friends circle.

Personally, I am not answering phone calls from “unknown caller,” strange area codes from different towns and cities where I have no connections, and from unknown mobile numbers.

Simple advice says that if some wants you genuinely, they will leave you a message, or voice mail, to explain who they are, and what they are calling you for.

STAY ALERT has more than one meaning in this context, so stay safe, and don’t be fooled into giving away money to unkonwn people.