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New week – New rules!

So…… another set of rules in regards to gatherings both inside and outside of the home !

Thus far, we have been very lucky and fortunate that reasonable observation of previous rules have left this area very low in Covid 19 cases and deaths.

However, several public house, club and restaurant areas have become the scene of assaults and other crimes that will take up valuable police time.

It is apparent from Grimsby Telegraph social page photos that there are establishments where social distancing has long gone, with tables showing up to 12 / 14 people gathered round for a joint photo.

Why are people just ignoring all advice that could bring the crisis to an end eventually, or do people just feel that they want to go out in style??

You meet strangers, or friends, you all gather closely together, perhaps then passing on the invisible virus amongst yourselves, and then go home to share it with relatives, some of whom could be older and more vulnerable.

Explain that scenario to those who eventually attend the funerals, where attendance is allowed, of course !

PLEASE ! It’s just as important now, as it was 6 months ago, to be careful about gatherings, who you contact at home and work and socially, and remember – it’s not just about YOU,  there is a moral duty to be careful for EVERYONE’S sake !

Please still look out for vulnerable neighbours, friends, relatives. If you are fit and well, consider the health of those you encounter on a day to day basis, and do what you need to do to protect them !