World Anti-Counterfeiting Day. Beware of fakes.

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Today (8th June) is World Anti-Counterfeiting Day. NELC and Trading Standards are using today to remind everyone to avoid fake goods. Their blog article here is full of useful information.

Many people like to shop around for the best bargains – but remember, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. That’s why Trading Standards are asking people to not get caught out by cheap, fake goods. No one wants a poor quality and often dangerous and unsafe product.

Increasingly fake goods can include items that can actually cause a risk of harm (car parts, toys, food and so on). If you want to find out about some of the dangers of fakes look here.

Top tips on how reduce the risk of buying fake products

To reduce the risk, there’s a number of precautions you can take such as:
– Buying from a reputable supplier
– The Brand-I website can help as it allows you to search for legitimate sellers of branded items so shoppers can be sure they’re buying a genuine item rather than a cheaply-made replica
– To check if an item is genuine, you can look at the packaging. Legitimate goods will usually be protectively marked and feature the safety mark
– Always ask for a receipt, and check that the seller accepts returns within a certain timeframe.

Have a good read of the blog from Trading Standards and warn others to be wary of fake and counterfeit goods.