What to Look out for – How to Spot a Cannabis Farm. Advice from Humberside Police

Humberside Police have been writing to local residents as part of increasing the amount of positive legal action taken against people who possess illegal drugs, sell drugs or grow their own at home. In order to help you make your community safer and drug free, they need your help in reporting such matters.

Illegal drugs can come in many different forms and it can sometimes be difficult to know if someone is possesses them, selling them or growing/manufacturing them. Common signs that this may be happening include;

What to Look out for – How to Spot a Cannabis Farm

  • Strong Odours – Cannabis crops take time around 3 months to grow, odours can be potent in the final weeks.
  • Covered Windows – Curtains always drawn up or windows covered/boarded up from the inside.
  • Excessive Security Measures – Excessive security measures such as extra locks or grills on windows.
  • Lots of Condensation – Cannabis plants need a greenhouse type environment to grow. Look out for condensation on windows, especially in the summer months.
  • Lots of visitors – Frequent visitors at unsociable hours.
  • Resident only visiting address twice weekly – Some cannabis growers are extremely organized and only tend to the plants a couple of time a week.
  • Plant Growing Equipment – Look out for potential growers taking lots of equipment in and out of properties, such as soil/fertilizer also removing plant waste.
  • Lots of cables and wiring – Cannabis farm set ups require lots of cables and wiring for all the equipment.
  • Excessive electricity bills (for Landlords) – As much as some growers will bypass the electricity meter some will not and as a landlord if you start receiving large electricity bills or the bill suddenly drops could show the meter has been tampered with.
  • Snow – Cannabis farms produce a lot of heat. Be aware of properties that have no snow on their roof after a flurry.
  • Bright Lights Day and Night – Cannabis plants need light to grow, look out for properties with very bright lighting.
  • Buzz of Ventilation – The constant noise of a fan could be a sign of the ventilation for a cannabis grow.
  • Vulnerable Residents – Sometimes some groups will take advantage of vulnerable people including foreign national which may be victims of human trafficking or modern slavery.

There are various ways to report suspected drugs possession, dealing and/or cultivation/production and any associated anti-social behaviour;

  • Telephone Humberside Police on 101 (999 for emergencies) or Visit our website
  • Contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

You can report matters ANONYMOUSLY if you prefer, we do not need to come to your home.

If you, or anyone you know may benefit from support in reducing their illegal drug use or you are concerned about someone who may be using drugs you can contact the following agencies;

We hope you find this update informative. Most of the legal action that is taken by Humberside Police is following information given to them by members of the public who are fed up with the issues of drugs and anti-social behaviour blighting their home life.

Message via Humberside Police April 2022 via MyCommunityAlert.